Taking your site to the next level

The Eleventy ecosystem is huge! There are official and community starters for almost any Glitch project you can dream up.

The best part is, no matter what starter you use, as long as you set your eleventy app to generated static site, you'll be able to take advantage of the feature on Glitch!

  • Right now, your site is live on the web, with a real URL (a secure HTTPS address 🔒) that updates as soon as you make changes to your site or app.

💡 In the Glitch editor, click your project name in the top left, and in the menu that opens, select the name and type a new one. Your project will be live at the new address instantly.

  • Add a domain to your new Glitch project! Just go to the Tools menu in the Glitch editor, and click on Custom Domains.
  • Use the Share button in the editor to invite others in to edit your new Eleventy project by typing in their email or Glitch username.

💡 Make your code, or even your entire app, private to just those you invite, by upgrading your Glitch account.

  • Use a full-powered Linux command line to manage your new Glitch project. Go to the Tools menu in the Glitch editor, and click Terminal to peek under the hood.

There are lots of Eleventy plugins you can also add to your project.

Some additional developments to try:


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