Getting started with Eleventy on Glitch!

Congrats! You've launched a beautiful new Eleventy-powered blog on Glitch.

In the README you'll find an overview of the files that make up the project, and when you open the files in the editor you'll see comments explaining what's happening.

Your Eleventy blog contains three pages:

  • Home–the intro page which also lists recent posts
  • Posts–a list of all posts
  • About–an overview of the site

Each blog post lives in the posts folder–take a look at one by opening it in the editor.

  • Posts use Markdown (.md) syntax, which is more lightweight to write and read than HTML
  • Each post contains front matter defining metadata such as the date, title, and layout

Layouts for your site are in _includes–your pages and posts can use these to define an outline structure their content is containined within.